‘Inspirational Leadership’ – YouTube videos on Christian leadership from Aussie pastor


‘Inspirational Leadership’ – YouTube videos on Christian leadership from Aussie pastor

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

‘Inspirational Leadership’ – YouTube videos on Christian leadership from Aussie pastor

By Martin Johnson
Special to ASSIST News Service


(ANS) — Karl Faase, Senior Pastor of Gymea Baptist Church in Sydney, Australia and Executive Director of the Arrow Leadership program in Australia, is launching an innovative approach to leadership development and encouragement.

Karl Faase

Karl has produced a series of short videos that look at key aspects of Christian leadership which will be available from June on his Olive Tree Media web site — http://www.olivetreemedia.com.au — and through YouTube — http://www.youtube.com/olivetree

The first set of seven videos will look at the concept of “creating space”.

“I use the story of Moses and his father-in-law Jethro to illustrate this important part of how to lead,” said Karl. “When Jethro watched Moses spending the whole day listening to every single complaint himself, Jethro encouraged Moses to ‘create space’ for other experienced leaders to relieve Moses from the burden of having to do it all himself.”

Each of the videos runs for just over two minutes and they’re designed to be thought-starters for those in Christian leadership.

“By registering at the Olive Tree Media web site (www.olivetreemedia.com.au) those interested will receive an e-mail to notify them of the launch and then when each subsequent video is released,” he said.

“The series is not meant to be an in depth look at leadership, rather they’re meant to start discussion and give leaders some key hints in how to improve their own leadership style,” said Karl.

“I think that most churches need help and resources to improve their leadership skills, these videos are designed to both encourage leaders individually and be a free resources for leaders to use for leadership development.” Karl said.

The first of the seven Inspirational Leadership videos will be available from 1st June. To sign up for the free e-mail service, go to: http://www.olivetreemedia.com.au

Martin Johnson has spent 30 years working in Christian media. After 20 years at Sydney’s Wesley Mission and six years with Bible Society, he now runs his own Communications Consultancy in Sydney. During his time at Bible Society he helped develop the ‘Jesus. All about life’ campaign which has run across five Australian states.

He can be contacted at: martin.johnson@bigpond.com


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