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Christmas is a time that should draw us closer to the Lord…but often we allow too many commitments
or things that cause us stress to make us exhausted and depressed.

On the news the other day they reported, 70% of people would prefer not to exchange gifts, but they
are afraid that friends or family would be upset it they brought the subject up.

In reality, most of the time we spend hours shopping, not knowing what to buy…and then the person we bought
the gift for takes it back or sticks it in the back of the closet, because they don’t have any idea how to return it.

Thousands of people are hurting; without basic necessities like food or shoes…and we have the privilege and
opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

We can’t help everybody, but each one can reach one…if we examine our budget and spending habits.

I saw an interview on Warren Buffett recently. He is one of the richest men in America…but chooses to live
in a modest house and doesn’t even own a smart phone.

He’s being smart by giving and sharing with others.

Our world is filled with people who are angry and frustrated…but we can change our environment by
sharing unexpected words of kindness and actions.

The other day for example, I was in the grocery store with a large amount of things in my cart.

As I was putting my items of the counter, I noticed 2 people behind me looking frustrated and agitated.

The man had one item, and the lady behind him had just a few.

When I offered to let both go ahead of me…their faces turned from impatience to joy…

They thanked me and I wished them both a Merry Christmas.

It brightened my day, the clerk at the check out counter, and theirs.

A few extra minutes of my time made a world of difference to them.

It’s almost Jesus’ birthday, so let’s use each day to be a miracle and blessing in the lives
of someone.

I urge you to be honest with those on your gift list…and perhaps make a mutual decision
to give a gift in each other’s honor to the poor.

It will probably save a whole lot of frustration and brighten everyone’s outlook on Christmas.

In closing I’d like to share a poem God gave me a few years ago.

It’s almost Jesus’ birthday… so let us not forget.

To give to him the present, that he would like the best.

He doesn’t want a stocking…hung upon the tree.

Or lots of toys or presents, like selfish you and me.

He only wants our love for him, to shine out to the earth.

He wants us to tell others, about his miracle birth.

He wants us to bring all we know, to church to worship him.

He wants us to remember…he died for all our sins.

Please focus on his birthday…the sacrifice God made.

To send his Son to live and die, so we could all be saved.

This tiny baby Jesus…born in a lowly stall.

He came to bring salvation…to save us one and all.

This Christmas has more meaning…I’m calm and have such peace.

So let us bow before him, and worship at his feet.

The church bells now are ringing, for you and me to bring…

Our gifts of praise and worship…to our Savior and our King.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Valerie Rousseau

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