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There is a lot going on in our country regarding the “volatile” topic of same sex marriage.  I can only foresee things setting worse. Already, five states have passed a law legalizing gays to marry.  More will follow. 

We have witnessed people’s strong negative reactions towards Miss California’s response to gay marriage during the Miss USA contest. She has received death threats all because of her “freedom” to have a difference of opinion about same sex marriage.  Christians are losing their freedom to have opinions and disagree with society’s morals, or lack there of.  Jim Elliott wrote ”Right is right even if nobody is doing it and wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it.” 

Here are two absolute truths:  1) Homosexuality is a sin and sin is destructive.  2)  Jesus Christ is the solution to overcoming sin.

Definition of sin:  “Trying to meet legitimate, God given needs in an illegitimate way.”

Jesus sees the person, but Pharisees (judgmental people) see the sin.  There are so many tormented people in this world who need to be set free from addictive behavior.  Hear lies the problem.  People who do not want help cannot be helped.  Those who want help are fearful and choose isolation over community. The Lord has given us the wonderful gift of free will, but this gift can also be our cross.  We have to come to the end of ourselves, take responsibility for our actions, cry out for our deliverer and enter into a power encounter with Jesus Christ.

Dealing with emotional pain takes a tremendous amount of courage and strength.  Emotional healing is painful!  I would rather deal with physical pain any day. The emotional pain of our wounding that is not dealt with last all our lifetime.  This kind of pain haunts us every day. But, the emotional pain we allow to surface and be healed only last for a season and then we are set free from its sting.  I have experienced the pay off of emotional healing and it is worth it!  We are afraid that if we allow the emotional pain to surface, it will last forever, but this is a lie.  Satan can not endure.   

I have felt like there are people struggling with the emotional pain of same sex attraction and who see suicide as an option.  Jesus sees your heart of pain and would rather have you alive and living in the gay lifestyle.  You may not be able to walk out of your painful situation right now, but Jesus loves you and will continue to pursue you.  He will not throw you aside and give up on you.  EVER!  Jesus misses your fellowship terribly, but He does not want you to take your own life.  Thoughts of suicide are not from the Lord at all!  They are from the pit of hell.
Because I had such a hard time wanting to walk out of the lifestyle, I would pray Philippians 2:13 “for it is God who works in me to will and to act according to his good purpose.”  I asked God to please give me the desire to want to walk away, and then give me the strength to do so.  When I finally swallowed my pride and decided to bring my struggle into the light, I found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ along with a lot of supportive, loving friends who have helped me heal and kept me accountable.

Am I married and in love.  No.  Marriage is not the test to see if I have been healed.  My goal has been to get as close to Jesus this side of heaven.  If He brings a mate into my life then I am open and willing, but until then give me lots of friends and a church community who love me for me — a beautiful mess.

Go after Jesus!  We are all a “beautiful mess” and He loves us so much!

May the Lord strengthen us all to walk in His ways,

Sydney Johnson

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