Christian Ministry in Hollywood Encouraging Believers to see the new ‘Noah‘ Movie


Christian Ministry in Hollywood Encouraging Believers to see the new ‘Noah‘ Movie

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christian Ministry in Hollywood Encouraging Believers to see the new ‘Noah‘ Movie

By Michael Ireland
Special Reporter, ASSIST News Service


(ANS) — With the opening of the new movie ‘Noah’ this Friday, March 29th, Hollywood Prayer Network Founding Director Karen Covell is educating her network of pray-ers and entertainment industry professionals about the importance of not boycotting this film or commenting on it without seeing it.

Actor Russell Crowe portrays Noah in the new Hollywood movie of the same name.

Covell has been involved in the controversial conversation surrounding this film produced by Paramount Pictures. She is challenging the Christian community to go see the film and then use it as an opportunity to talk to others about God, the Bible, and our faith.

Covell is one of the many Christian professionals in Hollywood who want to encourage the Church not to be afraid of Noah or to get angry because it’s not completely accurate according to Scripture. She believes that movies are not meant to preach, but to tell a good story.

In a media release, Covell said, “No movie adaption has ever completely captured every plot point of the books it’s bringing to the screen. In order to adapt a book to a movie, the producer and writer must take creative license in order to tell a strong and powerful visual story for the audience. Noah is no different.”

Covell also believes that many wonderful Biblical themes are included in the film. She challenges Christians to go see the movie and then form an opinion, or don’t talk against it at all.

“We really can’t have an intelligent conversation about Jesus unless we know him personally. And that’s the same with a film, a book, or even a person,” Covell said.

Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN)
is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization led by entertainment industry Christians, seeking to impact our culture for Christ through prayer.

HPN is committed to asking Christians everywhere to pray for the artists and professionals, projects and productions, and global impact of Hollywood: the world’s most influential mission field.

“With an attitude of love, it is our passion to mobilize people around the world to engage in culture, pray for the media, and help transform the spiritual climate of Hollywood,” said Covell.

“Whether you’re an industry professional who wants prayer and support or a Christian with a heart for prayer, HPN wants to build the bridges, light the way, and bring hope and healing to an industry that dramatically shapes our world.”

For additional information regarding the dialogue surrounding Noah, read this insightful interview  with Covell and other Christian leaders who talk about their views of the film based on a screening they all attended.


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By Michael Ireland
Special Reporter, ASSIST News Service–>

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