Determining the Ark Kinds


As part of the Ark Encounter Project at Answers in Genesis, a research effort has been initiated to
provide information necessary for the best possible reconstruction of the animal kinds preserved on
the Ark. This initial paper outlines the basic rationale that will be used and the underlying justification
for it. The biblical text provides strong evidence for each kind being a reproductive unit. Based on
this and biological evidence that reproduction requires significant compatibility, hybridization will be
considered the most valuable evidence for inclusion within an “Ark kind.” The cognitum and statistical
baraminology are discussed as they are relevant to this venture. Where hybrid data is lacking, we
have chosen to use a cognitum method. Using current taxonomic placement as a guide, pictures
and/or personal experience with the animals will be used to find obvious groupings. If the grouping
seems excessively high taxonomically, the family level may be used as the default level to avoid
underestimating the number of kinds on the Ark. Results from statistical baraminology studies and
other information will be used where appropriate. It is hoped the result will be a valuable resource for
future studies in baraminology.

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