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  1. I’m 49 and going on 50 in August and believe it or not I am still a virgin. I decided when I gave my life to live for Christ at 14 years old I would keep myself for my husband, the man God had set aside for me.Over the last 30 years I have worked with delinquent boys and girls,and after doing that I drove a school bus for handicap children and adults.I’ve lived to busy to have time for any relationships.I don’t have children, but children has always been in my life.I’m content with singleness but if God chose to put someone in my life then I am open to that.In the back of my mind because I am single I have entertained the thought of going somewhere in the world and doing missionary work.So as the day approaches to the Lord’s soon coming return for his church I will remain faithful to Him,and in his timing he will show me what he plans for me next.Jeremiah 29:11-14 Julie Bayes

  2. I need to speak in tougues i really desire it i have tried to recieve it,but was not possible why is it that it dont have faith

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