Flood Relief Work in Uttarakhand


Flood Relief Work in Uttarakhand

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flood Relief Work in Uttarakhand

Gospel for Asia
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Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams are reaching out to flood victims throughout South Asia, including those in Uttarakhand, India. This team was in Pakistan earlier this week.


(ANS) — Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams fanned out across Uttarakhand, India, to distribute emergency rations to flood victims living in relief camps after massive flooding and landslides destroyed their homes last week.

The fast-moving floods that roared through their villages on August 22 were completely unexpected. Most people had to run for their lives just to escape the rising water and wall of mud descending on them. They weren’t able to salvage anything from their homes.

The floodwaters also uprooted thousands of trees, cut off all communication and washed out roads. The floods ruined more than 100,000 acres of rice fields.

The local government evacuated the residents to temporary shelters in local schools. Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams met with local officials, asking if they could help the people in the camps. The officials told them the most pressing need was food, so the teams gathered their supplies and went to the various camps.

They distributed emergency relief packages containing rice, potatoes, onions, cooking oil, spices, salt and paper plates to about 3,000 people living in seven different relief camps.

The recipients were so moved by the gesture that many had tears in their eyes.

When the flood victims are able to return home, the missionaries who work in that area will tend to their needs and help them rebuild their lives.

Get the latest Pakistan flood report here, and see how you can help.

Gospel for Asia is an evangelical mission organization based in Carrollton, Texas, involved in sharing the love of Jesus across South Asia.

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