Goodbye Homesexuality – Hello Loneliness?


How does one deal with the “loneliness of accepting that there is to be no intimate relationship in one’s life?”  Great question from a blogger and a struggle I have had to wrestle with in my own life.  Let’s look at several definitions from Webster’s Dictionary:

1)  Loneliness – solitary; standing by oneself

2)  Intimate – innermost; familiar; closely related; close; an intimate friend

3)  Intimacy – state of being intimate; sexual relations

4)  Friend – one attached to another by esteem and affection; an intimate associate; supporter

My question to God has been, “If you made me a relational and sexual being then how am I to handle this as a single person who has been freed from homosexuality?”  How do ALL singles, widows, and widowers handle this?

For me, I had a hole in my soul that needed to be filled with a relationship.   After reading these definitions, how do you think God wants us to fill this void in our lives?  What is true intimacy? This will be our discussion question for the week. 

Remember, this blog is a safe place to be real with your feelings.  God Bless you all and looking forward to your responses.


Sydney Johnson 

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