I love my friend… by Yvette Schneider


I had a friend in high-school who was my first best-friend.  We spent all of our free time together.  For the first time in my life, I felt loved and accepted for who I was. This was an exciting time for me.  I grew close to this friend and to her family.  There were times soon after my parents’ divorce that I didn’t go home for days, spending more and more time at my friend’s house.  We were not in a lesbian relationship, but when my mom asked me if my friend and I were homosexually involved, I had to admit to myself that I wished we were.  If we were a “couple,” then she would never leave me and I would always feel the thrill of having someone truly care about me and value me as a person.
My friend and I may not have had a lesbian relationship, but we had an emotionally dependent relationship that was unhealthy and stifling.  It left no room for any other friendships.  We depended on each other to the point that we became possessive and jealous if anyone else tried to join our exclusive group of two.  The nature of our friendship became a pattern of idolatry – nothing in our lives mattered more than each other.  When eventually something did matter more than our friendship, namely my college education, our friendship disintegrated into a pile of hurt feelings that led to petty acts of revenge.

Friendships are beautiful when they are meant for the uplifting and edification of each other.  When we want what is best for the other person and are not just trying to get our own emotional needs met, then we are truly a friend.

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