The Blessing Of Being Single


For many the holidays especially are a time of loneliness and despair. Those who are single
often feel left out and depressed because they have no one to share their life with.

If they have family, they may dread going home, because people make them feel
like they’re weird because they don’t have a spouse or children yet.

We each have a specific plan and purpose for our life. Reading God’s word
clears the cobwebs of depression and help us to see things from a different
point of view.

Too often people become desperate and marry anyone who will say I Do,
and end up with a disaster, because they settled for less than God’s best.

In His letters to the church at Corinth…Paul devoted a great deal
of attention to the topic of marriage and the blessings of being single.

Many people who are single, often wish to be married and those who are
married, sometimes long for the days they were free from the responsibility of
a spouse and family.

Paul said, I wish everyone was like me and content to be single…
but widows and unmarried people…
if they cannot remain celibate…they should marry…
for it is better to marry than to burn.

Paul knew the dangers of fornication and warned the people to run
as fast as possible, from the lusts of the flesh.

Our bodies are the temple, which the Holy Spirit resides. We become
one spirit with the Lord. Fornication drives the Spirit from us…and
is total rebellion against God.

Our bodies do not belong to us…for we were bought with the blood of
Jesus Christ, for our salvation. We are to always strive to glorify God
with our bodies.

Many teens or young adults feel left out or incomplete
without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Paul’s desire was to remind the
unmarried, there are blessings about being single.

A single man or woman, is free to use their time and gifts to serve
the Lord, without being distracted by the responsibilities of a spouse
and family to support.

If God says…move here, or go there…You can obey quickly
and more easily.

God has called each of us to a particular type of service for him.

Choosing a partner for life is not something that should be taken
lightly. Vows to the LORD, to be faithful until death to a mate,
are to be honored…for God hates divorce and the anger and
hatred in creates in his children.

Those who choose to marry, have the added responsibility of trying to keep God first…
and their spouse and children happy as well.

The unmarried have the freedom to serve the LORD, in mind and body
without added distractions.

God’s word says a wife is bound by the law as long as her husband
lives, but if he dies, she is at liberty to remarry…but her spouse
should be a Christian…

But Paul adds, she would be happier if she remained single,
and he wrote through the Spirit of God.

Today if you’re feeling lonely or isolated, ask God to reveal his will
for your life. Times of quiet are not to be dreaded…but embraced.

As we read God’s word and worship…his thoughts and plans
begin to shine into the darkness and bring hope to our future.

Precious one…God loves you and sent Jesus to die for your sins
and mine. He wishes for all of us, to lay aside our plans to serve
him… with thankful and grateful hearts.

If you are divorced, it is important to repent and realize it
is against God’s will, except in cases of fornication.

Often people remarry, only to repeat the same problems over and
over again…for they did not ask God for wisdom and guidance.

Whether single or married, young or old…God created you
with special gifts and talents like no one else.

Your DNA and fingerprints are unique…
copyright…God! Don’t waste your life…trying to fit into
a mold, God didn’t design for you…

Don’t waste your life feeling guilty for your mistakes.
Release the sins and ugliness of the past to Jesus.
Begin a new life and chapter in the book of your life today.

I encourage you to make the time, to listen as God speaks to your heart.

In the stillness of his presence, let him whisper in your ear…
Words of comfort, peace and blessings…
Driving out your every fear.

Oh most merciful Father in heaven,

Thank you for creating each of us special and unique. Before we were
formed in the womb, you knew us and had a plan for our lives.
Forgive me for coveting others gifts, talents, or looks. I believe
you love me just the way I am…and are in the process of transforming
me into a chosen vessel, to reveal your perfect light through.

Help me to see your plan, through eyes of wisdom and revelation.
May I embrace each moment of quiet we spend together as a
precious gift. Teach me to be still…so I may hear your voice.
Create in me a desire to walk in obedience and love.

Show me how to serve you all the days of my life without distraction.
I offer to you my thanks and praise for your wonderful gifts and talents…
and most importantly for my faith in Jesus as my Savior and my salvation.
All praise and glory goes to You my Creator and King.

Father, today I sense there are many who feel lost, rejected and
victimized by the world. Help them, by the power of the Holy Spirit
to release those feelings of pain and torment to You. Take their
fears, their pain, their anxiety about the future from their
shoulders. The weight is too heavy for them to bear. Many
have divorced or are victims of the pain divorce and abuse
causes. Please Father, help them to repent of their sins and
move on toward the goals and plans you have prepared
for their lives. Plans of hope and a future, guided by your
loving hands of compassion.

We lift up prayers to you for all who are suffering from sickness, disease, adversity, or unemployment.
Help them Holy Father, and meet all their needs according to your good and perfect will. Cast out sickness,
worry, and anxiety from their hearts. You sent your word to heal us and deliver us from all our destructions.
You have commanded us to love one another and pray for each other. We are following your precious
instructions and wait expectantly for you to help and heal all who are in need.

Father, we lift up prayers to you for all our soldiers throughout the world. May your
loving arms embrace them and keep them safe. Put an end to the war and suffering
soon, and return them to their families. Confuse the plots of our enemies and bring
the counsel of the ungodly to foolishness.

We lift up prayers to you for Cindy who has cancer and for her family. Give them strength, healing,
and courage to face their fears with faith, knowing you have a plan and it will all work out for good.
May your healing touch of power be upon them and make them whole.

Thank you Father, for listening to our prayers and for being our ever present help in
times of trouble. We don’t know what to do, but the battle is yours, and you are
well able to conquer our problems and enemies. All praise and glory goes to you,
our Strength, our Healer, Our Saviour.

In Jesus’ name we pray…


You are special to Jesus and Me!

Your sister and servant of the LORD,
Valerie Rousseau

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  1. thanks for that i needed it i am trying to make some sense out of what’s going on in my life. my husband passed in april 2010 and i am so lost without him and i am trying to spend time with God and find out, what now.

  2. Hi Valerie,

    Thanks so much for the encouraging message it helps me to be strong and to pray and wait patiently because God knows the best in us.

    God Bless as you reach out to others.


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