Time to Abandon Postmodernism: Living a New Way


While there are a growing number of religious people in Western civilization, there are fewer people going to church. In particular, this trend has been observed most significantly among emerging adults in their 20s as was found by Ken Ham in his book Already Gone with Britt Beemer (Ham, Beemer, and Hillard 2009). The results of their study suggested a significant change among the worldview of Western civilization. The worldview of Western civilization is often described by commentators using the term postmodernism. However, the term postmodernism is inadequate to describe the worldview of Western civilization today for several reasons. Even though these terms are used regularly by many and introducing a new set of terms for novelty’s sake is not always the best approach, it is important to abandon using the term postmodernism because we have experienced a significant shift in Western civilization reflected in many different areas of life. A better term to describe the worldview of Western civilization today is neomodernism. To demonstrate this, a brief history of different worldviews is presented to substitute the term postmodernism with the term antimodernism. Understanding that antimodernism is a reaction against modernism illustrates that Western civilization is no longer antimodern. Analyzing the current worldview of Western civilization, the term neomodernism is used to show just how this popular worldly philosophy has infiltrated the church. Having a better understanding of today’s worldview helps us reach the next generation for Christ through teaching apologetics to all generations and living biblically both in church and at home.

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